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Chapter 2 Uniform 1-D motion

Chapter 3 Acceleration 1-D Motion

  • Section 3.1 (19:49) - Types of velocity and acceleration particle model (alternate link)
  • Section 3.1 part 2 (6:31) - A continuation of 3.1 (alternate link)
  • Superman Jump (5:44) - Graphical approach to solving constant acceleration problems. (alternate link)
  • JoeJump (4:43) - Can you be accelerating and not moving at the same time? The answer is Yes, btw. (alternate link)
  • Solving Problems the "old way"
    • Acceleration Problems (20:01) - A walk-through of a few problems from the book. I ran out of time on the last one, so I didn't get a chance to describe why the answer is twice as big as the equation says it is. You'll just have to go back into your notes for that. (alternate link)
    • Acceleration Quiz (10:32) - A quick walk-through of the Acceleration Quiz. There were four different forms of the quiz. The only difference between them was the numbers. The set-up is the same even if your numbers are different. (alternate link)
    • Applying Concepts (17:26) - Here's the explanation for the problems we worked in class. This should help review for the test. (alternate link)

Chapter 4 Dynamics 1-D Forces

Chapter 5-6 Forces and Motion in 2-D


Conservation of Energy

Chapter 14 Periodic Motion

Chapter 15 Sound

Chapter 16 Light

Chapter 17 Mirrors

Chapter 20 Static Electricity

Chapter 22 Current Electricity

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