Toughest Tip Triumphs! (Yeeaaaa Booyy-iiieeee)

Our group is testing the difference that a wooden tip and plastic tip on a hockey stick will have on a puck.
We will have the sticks hit the puck at the same velocity and then test for the acceleration of the puck after we hit it with each stick.

We will also be testing which stick will make the puck go further.

Equipment/Materials needed :

1. High speed camera.

2. Something to measure the velocity of the stick being swung.

3. Hockey sticks with a wooden tip, and a plastic tip.

4. Hockey Ball

Constants - Hockey ball will be the same for both trials.

Controls - Velocity of the hockey stick.

Hypothesis - The wooden stick will hit the hockey ball and give it  two times more of an acceleration than the plastic stick.

Variables - wooden tip and plastic tip hockey sticks

* Constant velocity of stick created by more than one trials of each type of stick, the sticks will be the same length, and our hands will be place at the same point on the stick


1.hit ball with plastic tip numerous times

2.hit ball with wooden stick numerous times data and video, by using loger pro 

                                          Ball Data



4.share with friends and mom and your friends moms ..and the class / the world

Steve Dickie,
May 17, 2009, 7:34 PM