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Here are some of the best videos from the Physics of Sports project.
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TitleSportBrief DescriptionLinkSource File
TitleSportBrief DescriptionLinkSource File
Bow Shot 1 Archery Compound bow shooting Streaming Download (mov) 
Bow Shot 2 Archery Compound Bow, a look at the whole archer Streaming Download (mov) 
Bow Shot 3 Archery A look down range of a bow shot. No scale is provided Streaming Download (mov) 
Badminton Serve Badminton  Streaming Download (mov) 
Badminton Volley Badminton  Streaming Download (mov) 
Pitch 1 Baseball  Streaming Download (mov) 
Pitch 2 Baseball  Streaming Download (mov) 
Pitch 3 Baseball Pitch thrown by someone who's not a pitcher Streaming Download (mov) 
Pitch from Front Baseball No scale information Streaming Download (mov) 
Jump Shot 1 Basketball  Streaming Download (mov) 
Jump Shot 2 Basketball  Streaming Download (mov) 
Basket Catch Cheer/Pom Throw someone way higher then they ought to! Streaming Download (mov) 
Body Slam Cheer/Pom Fall flat on your face? They actually do this on the wood gym floor. Streaming Download (mov) 
Jump Splits Cheer/Pom Jump up and land in the splits Streaming Download (mov) 
Spin Cheer/Pom 360 deg. Spin Streaming Download (mov) 
Football Reaction - Lineman Football Who reacts and covers more distance faster?  Streaming Download (mov) 
Football Reaction - Receiver Football Who reacts and covers more distance faster?  Streaming Download (mov) 
Place Kick 1 Football  Streaming Download (mov) 
Place Kick 2 Football  Streaming Download (mov) 
Place Kick Close Up Football Just the ball and the foot Streaming Download (mov) 
Squib Kick Football  Streaming Download (mov) 
Golf Hit Golf  Streaming Download (mov) 
Slapshot 1 Hockey  Streaming Download (mov) 
Slapshot 2 Hockey  Streaming Download (mov) 
Board Breaking Martial Arts Two boards broken Streaming Download (mov) 
High Kick Martial Arts  Streaming Download (mov) 
Jumping Spinning Kick Martial Arts  Streaming Download (mov) 
Ping Pong Hit Ping Pong Hit to produce spin Streaming Download (mov) 
Ping Pong Hit 2 Ping Pong Hit to produce spin Streaming Download (mov) 
Ollie Skateboarding  Streaming Download (mov) 
Rail grind Skateboarding  Streaming Download (mov) 
Header Soccer Full body Shot Streaming Download (mov) 
Header Close Up Soccer Just the head and ball Streaming Download (mov) 
Soccer Kick 1 Soccer  Streaming Download (mov) 
Soccer Kick 2 Soccer  Streaming Download (mov) 
Softball Hit 1 Softball Hitting a softball. Streaming Download (mov) 
Softball Hit 2 Softball Out of the Park? Probably not Streaming Download (mov) 
Tennis Serve Tennis Full body shot Streaming Download (mov) 
Tennis Serve 2 Tennis Close-up of racket hitting the ball Streaming Download (mov) 
High Jump 1 Track and Field High Jump, 4' (so not really hgih) Streaming Download (mov) 
High Jump 2 Track and Field High Jump, 4' 11" Streaming Download (mov) 
High Jump 3 Track and Field High Jump, 5' 1" Streaming Download (mov) 
High Jump - No Run Track and Field  Streaming Download (mov) 
Hurdles Good Form Track and Field  Streaming Download (mov) 
Hurdles Poor Form Track and Field Hurdle done by someone who's not a hurdler Streaming Download (mov) 
Long Jump 1 Track and Field  Streaming Download (mov) 
Long Jump 2 Track and Field  Streaming Download (mov) 
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