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Sports Assignment

Below you will find links to what you need to do and how I will grade it. When looking at the Rubric I need to make sure you understand what "Acceptable" means. Acceptable does not mean a letter grade of A. In order to get an A you must be outstanding in some areas.

Additionally, at each stage, past the first, each person must submit a report detailing what they personally did at this stage and what was completed by other group members. This will be completed via LON-CAPA and will be kept in confidence as much as possible. The sum of these from the group will impact the grade of each student in the group.

  • Stage 1 - Getting Started
  • Stage 2 - Motion in 1 Dimension
  • Stage 3 - Forces in 1 Dimension
  • Bonus - Some of this can be done at any stage and will vary greatly by project