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Sports 1D Forces

Build on your analysis of motion of all important objects (i.e. bat and ball for a baseball swing). You should make corrections in your previous analysis and your Tracker file as needed. These corrections will be assessed. If your accelerations aren't correct you won't be able to calculate forces.

The specifics will vary greatly by project. However, you should try to incorporate answers to the following ideas on your page for this project:
  • What are the masses of your objects? Did you measure them or estimate them? If estimated how did you arrive at your value?
  • What is the highest 1 dimensional force you can find?
  • How does your video demonstrate Newtons Three Laws? How can you prove this?
  • What forces exist in your one dimensional system? Draw a free body diagram for each of your objects.
Please do not simply give me a list of answers to questions. Make it paragraph text. You should include graphs and or pictures to help support your conclusions.

Rubric: This will be completed after a discussion with the students when we get this far.
 Totally Inadequate (0)
 Poor (1)
 Acceptable (2)
 Outstanding (3)
Corrections made
No, or almost no, corrections were made.
All corrections made in your text or in the video analysis fileAll corrections made including any in the video analysis fileLast time was perfect, or:
All corrections made including any in the video analysis file AND Improvements were made to go beyond what you did before
Discussion of Forces

Text is clear and coherent
Would be clearer if a monkey typed it
There is little to no flow in the text or the text is unclear or there are more than two grammatical errors.
Flow of your text is good and there is no more than one or two grammatical errors. Your main points are clear and concise.
Your text is so good I had to Google it to prove you didn't plagiarize it.
Graphs - PicturesNone included, or only included so they are there. i.e. they do not enhance understanding
Graph use is confusing at best or is inadequate for understanding (i.e. missing important ones or there are extras that are distracting).

All graphs used enhance understanding and your explanation could not be enhanced by including any more. There are none that are not needed.