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Sports 1D Motion

Conduct analysis of motion of all important objects (i.e. bat and ball for a baseball swing). If you're not sure ask me. Pick one dimension to do the following analyses. Feel free to rotate your axis to align it with the direction of the most important motion. I know most of the sports covered show 2 dimensions, but for now I only want you to look at one!

The specifics will vary greatly by project. However, you should try to incorporate answers to the following ideas on your page for this project:
  • Was there constant velocity? If so, when and how do you know?
  • What is the highest 1 dimensional velocity you measured?
  • How did velocity change? Why does velocity change?
  • What about acceleration?
    • Is there acceleration?
    • Is it constant?
    • Does area under your acceleration graph equal the change in velocity you read from your data table?
Please do not simply give me a list of answers to questions. Make it paragraph text. You should include graphs and or pictures to help support your conclusions.

 Totally Inadequate (0)
 Poor (1)
 Acceptable (2)
 Outstanding (3)
Video analysis
Just plain wrong or no Tracker file present.
Motion of only one object tracked or missing multiple components

Tracker file is attached
Motion of all important objects tracked but missing one of: axis alignment, frame rate adjustment, or good point placement.

Tracker file is attached
Axis is aligned with the important motion, frame rate has been adjusted, point placement is sound. Motion of all important objects tracked. Tracker file attached to your site
Velocities determined and described
No mention of graphs data only read from tables
Velocity correlated with slope of position graphs. Not all velocities determinedVelocity correlated with slope of position graphs. Velocity of all objects determined
Velocities graphs correlated with displacement and slope of position graph. All relevant velocities determined and compared
determined and described
No mention of graphs data only read from tables
Acceleration correlated with slope of velocity graphs. Not all accelerations determinedAcceleration correlated with slope of velocity graphs. Accelerations of all objects determinedAcceleration graphs correlated with change in velocity and slope of velocity graphs. All relevant accelerations determined and compared
Text is clear and coherent
Would be clearer if a monkey typed it
There is little to no flow in the text or the text is unclear or there are more than two grammatical errors.
Flow of your text is good and there is no more than one or two grammatical errors. Your main points are clear and concise.
Your text is so good I had to Google it to prove you didn't plagiarize it.
Graphs - PicturesNone included, or only included so they are there. i.e. they do not enhance understanding
Graph use is confusing at best or is inadequate for understanding (i.e. missing important ones or there are extras that are distracting).

All graphs used enhance understanding and your explanation could not be enhanced by including any more. There are none that are not needed.