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April Spaulding/Mixing Paints


This is Princeton University.

                                                                                                             Princeton University

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Mr. Feynman is in a little Restaurant near Princeton, New Jersey named Papa's Place. He used to eat a lot there when doing his graduate study at Princeton. Mr. Feynman would sometimes chat with the painter while eating there. This day was different, when he was talking to the man(the painter), the man told him that by mixing white and red paint, he made yellow. Mr. Feynman doubted him at first thinking he knew it would only make pink, especially since he had been studying about light recently, but reassured himself that this man was a professional and sounded like he knew what he was talking about, so he believed him. He went down to the store and bought red and white paint and brought it back to the painter to watch him make yellow. To his surprise, the man could only make yellow when he added some yellow to the pink mix. He tricked Mr. Feynman into thinking he knew what he was talking about just because he was a professional. I think he learned two lessons during this encounter with the painter. He learned that to be intellectual is in fact, a positive virtue, and not to question himself when he knows he's right. He knew that the man could not make yellow, but he ended up believing him. Also he learned that relating to physics that he makes mistakes because he reads too much into things and thinks that there are complications that spoil his theories, that he questions himself too much thinking anything could happen, instead of what he really thinks could happen.