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Physics iBooks

NOTE: These take a while to download. After you click "Download" it will appear that nothing is happening. Just wait and you will get a chance to "Open in iBooks". (you can not download them in Chrome on an iPad, use Safari)
  • Representing Motion - Introduction to multiple representations of motion and constant velocity. (as epub)
  • Projectile Motion - Work in progress. It will probably change a bit over time. This was used by a few students last school year. Includes some content from ck12. (as epub)
  • Circular Motion - Another work in progress. Includes some content from ck12
  • ICCARS Spectrum - This was created for other teachers to accompany a kit of materials available from Wayne RESA as a part of the ICCARS program. It is very near completion, but may still may have minor changes. (last updated 4/19/13)
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